Denali Bino Pak by Alaska Guide Creations
Alaska Guide Creations

Denali Bino Pak by Alaska Guide Creations

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*** Harness is included with each pack ***

The “Denali” Named after the highest mountain peak in North America, which towers over the Alaskan wilderness at over 20,000 feet above sea level, the “Denali” aggressively brings the “Go Big or Go Home” attitude into any environment with maximum storage capacity for your optics needs. These are our largest sized line and are meant to accommodate full size binoculars up to around 56mm objective lenses. For example, most 15×56 and 20×56 binoculars would fit perfect in the large harnesses. Some also prefer the extra space to have a little more room for their mid-size binoculars. (Measurements are approximately 7.75 inch tall x 7 inch wide x 4 inch deep. Front Compartment measurements are approximately 6.5 inch tall x 6.75 inch wide x 2 inch deep. Side Compartment measurements are 6 inch tall x 3 inch wide x 1.5 inch deep. Rear Compartment measurements are 7 inch tall x 7 inch wide “flat”)

Harness is included with each pack.

Perfect for: Swarovski, Leica, Zeiss, Vortex, 15×50, 15×56 and G7 Rangefinder and other Range Binoculars.

tetherIncluded with every pack: The Binocular Tether System, a removable tether to hold your binocular securely to the harness. B.T.S. keeps your optics safely in front and helps prevent them from being accidentally dropped.

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