Optical Dynamics OD40 Predator hunting Light Kit
Optical Dynamics OD40 Predator hunting Light Kit
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Optical Dynamics OD40 Predator hunting Light Kit

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  • Low heat output
  • Compact and lightweight
  • C.A.L.S. Collimated Amplified Lens System
  • Temperature and weather proof
  • Up to 600 feet
  • No spill focus beam
  • 1050 Lumens
  • Case, mount cord switch, and two C123A Batteries

Optical Dynamics long-distance illuminators combine specially engineered precision lenses with powerful LEDs to project a harmonized focused beam of pure light on your target. Optical dynamics light projection technology creates a tight, focusable column of pure harmonized light typically only found in the natural environment. The gin-clear beam optimizes your natural optical senses, providing you with the best light projection night vision possible. Optical Dynamics light protection technology puts you in control. The adjustable focused beam of light is infinitely brighter, doesn’t fade or disperse, and doesn’t reflect back into your eyes. It is energy efficient, safer and more effective than anything else on the market. The collimated amplified lens system — CALS — is a patented photonics lens system that projects a gin-clear, narrow, adjustable column of light that perfectly illuminates your target, not the entire area. No light is wasted, sprayed, or splashed back to illuminate the user. CALS projects 100% of the light on the target. Optical Dynamics long distance illuminators are compact, lightweight and easy to handle, carry, or mount onto a scope. See what you want to see — better.

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